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It is imperative that we understand the nature of Jesus, who he is. The early counsels thought about it for a reason. If you don’t have Jesus right then you don’t have the right God, you do not have forgiveness of sins. There is a denomination that, while it seems to be reforming at least a little bit, at least some groups, they are one of those people who have the understanding of Jesus’ character and nature confused. They are called the Seventh-day adventists. They are confused about a lot of things including perhaps especially the nature of Jesus, who he was. Let’s take a look at the list, thanks to Colleen Tinker. 

Ellen G White – she was the founder of seventh-day Adventism – says “God the Father exalted Jesus to be his son. We got to stop right here “God the Father exalted Jesus to be his son” The eternal sonship. Jesus was always the son. Jesus was always God. He didn’t get exalted to that position. He always was. In fact what did he have to do? He had to set those rights and privileges aside – kenosis – emptying himself of those things to become the God-man. He did not become God. He’s always been God and always will be God. 

“thus provoking Lucifer’s jealousy and a war in heaven. Jesus is our example to prove we can live sinlessly. His sacrifice on the cross did not complete the atonement.”  Another problem right there. When Jesus said “It is finished” what he meant is it is finished, it’s done, complete forgiveness of sins. Colossians 2 – all of your sins past, present, future gone. If he didn’t finish the atonement, who’s supposed to? Us? Where do bad teachings like this begin?  Well, where they always begin, in a confused understanding of Scripture like the Seventh day Adventists. While seventh-day Adventist followed the Bible, they also kind of prefer the paraphrase, the clear word. If a denomination comes up with their own interpretation to focus on certain things like that Sabbath business, they follow more than the Bible or the clear word…Over 600 published titles with divine revelations and counsels by prophetess Ellen G White. She wrote that Charlotte’s Web thing that was very nice but then she made a bunch of false prophecies about when Jesus was going to return. They didn’t happen. That alone indicates she’s a false prophetess but saying that she was divinely inspired takes her outside of Scripture and the sufficient revelation from God the Holy Spirit to men who acted as little pens without violating their personality so we could have the Word of God. That’s where it always starts – extra-biblical revelation or bad interpretations of Scripture and then you get a bad understanding of the nature of God. Here it is. 

“God is comprised of a unity of three co-eternal persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – who are one in motive and purpose but not substance.” No, three persons, same substance.  They’re different and then God is not immutable again and the father and the son and the Holy Spirit are different but they are the same substance. 

“God the Father is generally understood to possess a physical body” No, he is spirit. Both trinitarianism and Arian trinitarianism are believed among active seventh-day Adventists. Perhaps not all but many. 

And finally the doctrine that is off the track for seventh-day Adventists – not all but for I don’t know what the percentage is – but historically would be the doctrine of salvation. Here it is “salvation by grace through faith but maintained by commandment – keeping and repentance, seventh-day (that would be your saturday sabbath observance) is the sign of the seal of God. Sunday worship is the mark of the beast.” That’s legalism. You don’t do anything to get saved or stay saved. That sounds like Roman Catholicism that you need to do something to stay in the faith. Remember all the other religions besides biblical christianity are the religion of “do”. Biblical christianity is the religion of “done”, saved by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone and helped by Jesus alone, not by what we do.