Former Seventh day Adventist Pastor Exposes the Plagiarism of Ellen White

Walter Rea – it’s a book White Lie. By the way, we have this on our website. He was a really strong believer in Ellen White and he wrote a lot of books summarizing some of the quotes from Ellen White. He was reading some old books on the life of Christ and suddenly he realized “that sure sounds like Ellen White” and “that’s almost like what Ellen White says” so that piqued his interest. He got a copy of all the books that Ellen White had in her library and tried to find them and he found that Ellen White plagiarized huge amounts of material. And that’s what this book does, he documents everything in this book called the White Lie from the research you’re referring to? Right, exactly. Now the way she plagiarized and she had some secretaries that helped her, they would change a word here or change a word there, put in a synonym or something else that would sound the same but change it so it wouldn’t be quite as evident. So it was deceptive plagiarism. He found that she had plagiarized huge amounts in her books, even in her testimonies to individual people. Sometimes even her dreams that she had were quotes from some books and even in places where she said “said the angel” and she would quote. She had an angel that supposedly spoke to her, she claimed to have two thousand visions and so on. And often she says “I was shown” like the angel of God told her and then she’d quote something and even those “I was shown statements” often were from some other authors. So basically the angels that Ellen White was talking to were really these other authors that had written books that were in their library.

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